1. Choose an area of interest
  2. Think how it applies to your curriculum considering
    1. student needs,
    2. assessment needs,
    3. language needs.
  3. Play with the tool and strategy using your curriculum


Vocabulary Cycle

The Vocabulary Cycle elaborates on the 5Cs  (Concept, Content, Clarify, Cut, Construct -- Cycle), teachers and students develop vocabulary lists for the content classroom. A cycle of strategies for the classroom results that will help students develop accurate schema for understanding the words of the work they must learn. The Vocabulary Cycle page includes a stepped process which is recursive -- go back and forth as necessary-- and examples with directions and images for activities that enhance the learning of the vocabulary in each lesson.

Vocabulary Tools

The Vocabulary Tools page provides many links and information to online interactive tools for flashcards, spelling, dictionaries, posters, comics, etc. for teachers and students to use to build vocabulary.  The top of the page includes paper activities.