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Project Rationale: What is the reason for this project?

Community of Learners

Community of Learners: What is the rationale?
Community Building Platforms What are the Web 2.o platforms and tools to build a community of learners?

Learn about Google, Wikis, Twitter, Wall Wisher, Answer Garden, Collaborative Classroom, Edmodo PollEverywhere, VoiceThread, and Dropbox.
Extra links include for many more.

Collaboration: Google, Wiki, Twitter, Collaborative Classroom, Edmodo, VoiceThread
Social Network: Twitter, Collaborative Classroom, Edmodo, (Google+ may be coming to GAFE)
Sharing files: Dropbox
Feedback: PollEverywhere, Answer Garden, Wall Wisher

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning  What is the rationale? What are the questions? What are the tools?

Development of Language


Development of Language: Vocabulary Introduction: Rationale and Content links for vocabulary

The Vocabulary Cycle page elaborates on the 5Cs  (Concept, Content, Clarify, Cut, Construct -- Cycle), teachers and students develop vocabulary lists for the content classroom. A cycle of strategies for the classroom results that will help students develop accurate schema for understanding the words of the work they must learn. Examples with directions and images for tools are provided.

Vocabulary Tools provide many links and tools for online dictionaries and interactive activities.

Contents: Vocabulary Introduction, Vocabulary Cycle, Vocabulary Tools