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About Me

    For the past seven years I have taught reading and writing at Nespelem School to middle grade students. I was asked to join the Math/Science Partnership to promote cross-curricular collaboration and to offer tutoring in my classroom as students needed it. Although the original idea for this site was to enhance the Math/Science Partnership, the information and suggested digital tools and strategies are interdisciplinary.

    Prior to middle school teaching, I taught eighth grade as a self-contained class, teaching reading, writing, science, math, and social studies. Many social studies/language arts and science/language arts units provided project-based learning for students. In addition, I taught the TAG (Talented and Gifted) Program for ten years. The strategies for teaching gifted students and developing projects also apply to the lessons learned during the years of our Math/Science Partnership training.

    I hope this site helps others develop strategies that engage and assess students to improve learning math and science. This site provides insight into my teaching and how I adapt the strategies from the MSP into my classroom; it is under development since I am not an expert. This site is part of my wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic for incompleteness or imperfection, as  I aspire to be the best I can be even as I am imperfect. As always, I am continually learning, so please let me know any errors or omissions that may have slipped in. I welcome any input that would make this a better resource for everyone. Thank you.

    Sheri Edwards
    About Me